w00t, just got the major refactor branch of NodeKit ( running the Hello Count example for the first time.

Been refactoring the hell out of NodeKit recently to take it from prototype to maintainable app.

Nice to have a little win.

Now to find all the other things that are no doubt broken :)

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Yay! WebSocket routes (and the simple chat example) are working again too :)

NodeKit refactor details 

Besides the goal of having everything nicely encapsulated and unit tested, the major difference in this refactor is that the production and development servers have separate loader and main processes.

The prototype was a real jumble and littered with conditionals. Once I start working on the dev server I’ll likely pull out some common base functionality but my goal is to keep the production server as simple as possible.

@EndlessMason I mean, it’s just plain old WebSockets (with a few utility methods thrown in to make it easier to send broadcast messages, etc.)

@EndlessMason (Although I did implement a basic RPC implementation for Domain, which I’m building on top go NodeKit. I might pull that out into the framework at some point if I find I can make it generic enough without adding undue complexity.)

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