@aral So after the NFT dating app failed because of a lack of women they now try to get some pussy by prostitution using "crypto" as payment.

Those guys must be really desperate. Or crazy. Or both.

cryptobro bullshit 


"To get started with the web3 sexual app — which, by its own profession, aims to provide a monetization opportunity for what it describes as the two most important things on the planet, sex and money"

This was 100% designed by PUA shitheads

@selea Do you have a screenshot by chance? They’re telling me they’re not doing that and I haven’t been able to reproduce it. I think they’re A/B testing and lying about it and I’d love to be able to prove it.


huh, it worked now for some reason...
It was defintely there before


Boosting so more people can test it - and reproduce it

@rysiek @selea OK, mystery solved; the Inkl folks found the problem:

Mastodon strips out the information they need to not show the paywall in its media preview. So if you click the media preview, it doesn’t work. If you click the original link, it does.

They’re working on a fix.

(Screenshot from Navin at Inkl.)

CC @Gargron


Ping @molly0xfff, this must surely be the worst thing so far? 😱

@FediThing @molly0xfff Ah, thanks for CCing Molly in, I had a brain freeze and forgot she’s on the fediverse too now :)

@FediThing @aral @molly0xfff after reading this, I’m at a loss for words:

@aral "No matter your gender and age, you can join us."

@aral When I said I wanted the web to be more decentralized, this wasn't what I meant :|

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