Right, so there is such a thing as going too far… this should at least be a configurable option so that folks who want web sites to adapt to their system light/dark mode settings can have that.

There’s a line between protecting people and being paternalistic. And I can’t believe I’m the one having to say this but privacy isn’t the only concern when designing (e.g., in this case you might be overriding someone’s accessibility preferences).

This issue summarises the issue and suggests a good solution (to have an option to override just the color-scheme setting without disabling fingerprint resistance in general).

It looks like there was a new option merged for overriding this but I can’t see it / adding it does nothing in the version I have (latest from Flatpak).

Also, this is not the right attitude any dev should have: “let the noisy uneducated great dirty unwashed plebs and luddite complainers about RFP have on/off toggles for parts of RFP“

If you find yourself thinking about the people who use your tools like this, just quit. Don’t make anything, it’s better for everyone.

@aral ah shit, i just wanted to migrate to librewolf, but it is going to be literally painful to use due to my dead LVDS connector that makes all white surfaces flicker and harm my eyes. thanks for the heads-up, staying on poorly optimized Chromium that gives at least some fucks about my health

@aral At least it tells you something about even more ways they can fingerprint you. But #LibreWolf should allow you to change the theme keeping in mind the harmful effects it could have.

@aral I *suspect* that people would not use it, if it ended up breaking things for them. From a *very quick* read of what you are talking about, there's not much reason to consider it beyond privacy concerns. And... I'm not *entirely* sure if it introduces other concerns such as unpatched security holes.

@aral I thought you were exaggerating amd thought, “Okay Aral it might be that sentiment but let’s not put words in their mouth,” and then I read that exact line in the comment. 😳

@aral I had the same problem with mobile brave. Though for some reason when you close and open again the theme comes back.

@aral While I understand that LibreWolf is supposed to have privacy-respecting defaults, it shouldn’t actively prevent people from making desired changes like, idk, setting a theme.

@aral the warning above the option should simply state that it’s current setting is because of the fingerprint resisting setting and that adjusting the option will have an impact on your privacy when browsing the web.

@aral Just set the theme manually? It justs blocks websites from accessing your theme preference.

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