@aral another infinite redirect loop... it might be time to give inkl.com the heave-ho

@thamesynne Darn. They worked on this last week. What’re you seeing? (The problem is actually on Mastodon’s end. It strips out info from the url when creating the link preview.) Inkl folks thought they’d worked around it.

CC @Gargron

@aral @Gargron oddly enough, i tried going directly to inkl.com's homepage, and i got an infinite redirect loop there... which suggests it's not on Mastodon's end at all

what i'm getting is the Firefox message about an infinite redirect. i'm using Firefox 100.0.2 (the 32 bit build) on Void, on the Raspberry Pi 400, with the Ublock Origin and Bypass Paywalls Clean plugins

@aral @Gargron ...and it turns out to be Bypass Paywalls Clean that's causing the problem

@thamesynne @Gargron Ah, good to know. Yeah, so it’s fixed on Inkl’s end. Thanks for the heads up; I’ll know to ask if someone has a paywall blocker next time :)

@aral You don't have to know very much about South Africa to understand why this is bad...

Unfortunately this is their kind of advertisement. They do bad things until their name is everywhere. Everybody knows them. Nobody thinks they are "the good ones".

Don't use the hashtag unless you want to feed the troll.

@aral Presumably employing the worst of #SouthAfrica, if the test is anything to go by.

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