If you’re using Mastodon, I’d highly recommend setting:

- Slow mode. This stops you from losing your place while you’re reading a timeline when new posts come it. It also fixes the bug where rotating your phone while watching a video dumps you back in the timeline at some new place.

- Disable swiping motions. This stops you from accidentally changing timelines when you were trying to go back using a browser that implements swiping motions as shortcuts for navigation.

CC @feditips

@aral @feditips Does slow mode prevent the new posts from pushing the timeline downward, losing your previous position without scrolling down to it again?

@pete @aral

Yes, that's exactly what it does.

In slow mode, you have to click on a link at the top of the timeline to see the newest posts.

@pete Yep. And it prevents you being thrown back into the timeline at some random position if you rotate your phone while viewing a video.


@aral @feditips Thank you both, this is exactly what I needed to hear!

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