I don’t understand what the story is here. If the USB stick was properly encrypted, as the article appears to state, the data is not “lost”. The loss of the USB stick itself is incidental.

· · Web · 5 · 1 · 7 encrypted and the USB locked with a password... So thay should not worry i guess

@aral For such thing few decades ago he would kill him self 🤔

@aral that's good they actually encrypted it. Let's hope they used a strong password. This is a great example how encrypting your data protects it.

Yep and this sentence is perfect rubbish: "So far, officials said, there was no sign the information had been accessed."
If the stick was lost, they can only determine if there was access to the data if the data was published.

@aral unless the password turns out to be `Password1!`, or its Japaneese equivalent. 🤷‍♂️

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