A little template you can customise for your G****b readme ;)

# ⚠️ This repository has moved away from GitHub

## 👉️ [<app name> git repository (source code)](

Its new home is on [Codeberg](, an independent and ethical not-for-profit git hosting service that’s powered by donations, doesn’t track you, and is hosted in the EU.

(They also don’t [violate your licenses to train their shitty AIs](

@tdelaho Violate free/open source licenses to train their shitty Copilot AI which they now rent to people? They sure did. Cunts.

@aral Why are you using *s on Github? You use it in the body, and in the tags, so why the obfuscation? They're doing shady stuff, call them out!

@murph Because it’s a bad word. And we censor bad words around here. So instead of saying fuck GitHub, we say fuck G****b.

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