A warning about FeelGood Contacts (feelgoodcontacts.ie) if you’re in Ireland and wear contact lenses: do NOT turn on their “auto-replenish” feature.

Just got a notification that they were about to charge me €148.05 for two 90-day boxes of lenses. That felt steep. So I opened an incognito browser and checked their site via an ad on Google. Lo and behold, I was offered 30-day boxes at €19.20 (so €115.20 for the equivalent amount… or €32.85 cheaper).

Goodness I fucking hate capitalism.


Capitalism: Screw You as a Service.

@aral those super yachts can't be bought without the buyers exploiting someone! Think about the children of the super yacht builders!

@aral thank you for understanding the plight of the ultra rich.

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