Oh my goodness, the export settings… everything about this app… so minimalist, so beautiful… this should be in case studies for free/open usability.

Correction: the app itself doesn’t appear to be free/open (which is fine, it’s still an indie app and that definitely counts) although the interface library and some other components appear to be.

I also just wrote an email to the author to both praise him for making what is one of the most gorgeous apps I’ve seen in a long while and to ask what his plans are for the future.

I‘d love to see, for example, some EU funding being used to contribute this to the commons.


Ah, so the business model is that the app is sold on the Mac App Store and it’s free everywhere else. I’m totally cool with this.

Could still be open sourced under AGPL (like Better was) but I’m more than happy to see an indie developer making a living from an excellent app they’ve made.

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@aral It's a bit more discriminatory. If you open the page with Safari, the only option is to buy the app. No editor. If you open the page with Chrome, it shows. That's kinda harsh, IMHO. Browser is browser. A website shouldn't reduce functionality just to sell the app. IMHO.

@aral Chrome v Safari on the same machine. Seeing how it supports even Opera, I can hardly imagine technical reasons for refusing to run the app on Safari.

@jwildeboer @aral
It doesn't work in Firefox either, so it seems to require the Chromium engine.
The app is available on Flathub and Snap Store for free, for $$ only on AppStore. Perhaps to cover the mandatory developer fees?

@jwildeboer @aral for me, opening with Safari shows me a message saying “to use the web app, open this page with [list of chrome based browsers]”.

Might just be a compatibility thing, since Safari and Firefox are just about the only browsers left that use a different engine.

@jwildeboer @T045T What are you talking about, of course it’s an gOpen Web based on gOpen Standards.

PS. The g is silent.

@aral And @T045T - the website promises "Boxy SVG project goal is to create the best tool for editing SVG files.[...] On any device and operating system." Which seems to really mean "ATM free for Chrome based browsers and Linux folks, Apple users please pay" - I am not saying it's wrong, but it does come over as misleading to me.

@jwildeboer @aral @T045T Jan, is everything misleading that is not either pay for license or open-source free as in free beer? I agree on the browser piece though as it does not support firefox. Probably they program against the chrome extension API, not simply doing HTML5 and javascript.

@rigo @aral @T045T It is an app/browser thingy that only works works on a chrome based engine. Which ignores Firefox and tells Safari users to pay $19,99 for a MacOS app. One can find that cool, I just am not that convinced. I'll prefer Inkscape which Just Works for my SVG Workflow.

@jwildeboer @aral @T045T after all the enthusiasm of the early days and the heavy headwind afterward, I'm still amazed that you have a SVG workflow! ✌️

@aral @rigo @T045T if your sarcasm makes you feel good, happy to add. I still fight for open standards. Call me naive or stupid if you want. I’m used to that.

@jwildeboer @aral @T045T Hahaha, it is funny you take it as sarcasm while I'm genuinely pleased 🙂 Language, Emission, Reception, complicated... The more its foreign language, the more there are holes you can fall into. BTW, I still have all the SVGs that Bob Hopgood wrote by hand that crashed all the Adobe SVG software and were still conformant 😅

@T045T @aral @rigo Good for you. While I happily use SVG in non-destructive ways.

@jwildeboer @T045T @aral at some point we had hoped that SVG would replace the javascript hell (security/privacy) and disarm the gif patent disaster. But this hope did not materialize.
Now we have a nice format for vector graphics, which is an achievement. I want to thank Chris Lilley for his relentless support for SVG.

@jwildeboer @rigo @T045T Jan, it’s an indie app with no tracking or any other bullshit by a sole developer who is actually attempting to make a living from it (instead of, say, working at Google or Facebook during the day for a six figure salary and contributing to “open source” on the weekends) so I’m going to celebrate the shit out of it :)

(I also spoke with him over email yesterday & he’s anti-VC and said the only way he’d sell it is if it’s open sourced as part of the deal. Works for me.)

@aral @rigo @T045T It would be nice if he could add the simple line "Requires Chrome based browser or local app" or "your browser is not supported" on Safari and Firefox.

@jwildeboer @aral @rigo @T045T I see this right on the front page.
I'm sad about not being able to use it in #Firefox, but this tells me quite clearly I won't be able to.

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