Just submitted my grant application for our Domain project to NLnet for their User-Operated Internet Fund.

I believe the process for public funding should itself be public so you can read the entire submission on my blog (with better formatting than the text-only original submission, a video, and pictures) and I’ll be posting future communication there also:

Also, I couldn’t find them on the fediverse. Is my search not working properly or…?

@NGIZero If you folks want to save your eyes and read the proposal with proper formatting, images, etc., please see :)

@FediFollows @NGIZero @EC_NGI Ah, thanks, I was searching for NLnet and nothing came up. I wasn’t aware all their funds were NGI (as the one I applied for didn’t state it explicitly).

@aral @NGIZero @EC_NGI

Yeah, the branding is rather confusing!

I'm not sure whether they have a separate NLnet branded account at all?

@aral @FediFollows @EC_NGI

Not all our funds are NGI, as you correctly stipulate. We are an independent foundation. I agree we should actually run an ActivityPub server ourselves - but we've been rather busy with grantmaking and hauling in budgets for doing so.

We are actually looking for a communications officer which would among others look after that kind of thing:

@NGIZero Thanks, good to know.

PS. I wasn’t suggesting you run your own server. An account for NLnet on some instance, separate from NGI Zero, though, would make it easier for folks to find you here.

(My first thought was to type @nlnet here and was confused when nothing came up because I remembered you were on the fediverse – and we’re even following each other here.) :)

Also, if you did want to run your own server, I’m sure @mastohost could help. (Hugo runs our ones.)

@FediFollows @EC_NGI

@aral This resonates as a person who writes grants. Formatting and other elements matter so much for clarity. Great idea to provide an external source. (Also, great project).

@aral Thanks for sharing this, very insightful.

Also, I took a shot as well for my hobby project. Kinda last-minute thing but never say never. At least it gets me more serious about my project.

@zladuric You’re very welcome. And best of luck with your proposal :)

@aral first very nice project and kudos for openness! I actually had a similar idea and am certain others have too (I actually watched a stream on #owncast of somebody writing a similar service in #java).

One nitpick/pet peeve which is too late to change now: the name "domain". It took me a solid minute to understand that the name of the project is literally Domain. I would've wished for a better name as this is going to be very hard to find (and remember).

Good luck nonetheless

@loveisgrief Thanks. And yeah, naming things is hard but I prefer to go with simple ones instead of inventing something new. If it’s useful, it’ll be found ;) (We live in a world where an apple is now a computer, the amazon is no longer a river, and windows aren’t transparent… at least according to the first results in DuckDuckGo.) :)

That all said, I’m always open to suggestions and thanks again :)

Mentally deficient suggestions. You have been warned ;) 


Midoma (My Domain)
T.A.M.E.D - TAke My Eigen Domain
WoodNeck (my neck of the woods)
EigenD (Eigen Domain)
Minuwick (Estonian "my" with bailiwick)
Wicktory (Bailiwick + territory)
Persority (Personal territory)
Sovereigntory (sovereign territory)
Autarkius (autarchy)
Emancipros (emancipation + greek "personal")
Misuus (My + latin "personal")
Absoludem (Absolute Demesne)

Mentally deficient suggestions. You have been warned ;) 

@loveisgrief Haha, thanks :)

Good luck! The need for something like this is something I often think about to better democratise the web. I was going to ask if it had any similarity to yunohost, but then I saw you mentioned that, and you're more focussed on the back end. The only thing I wonder about is whether the name "Domain" is distinctive enough for ease of search and avoiding confusion with it's common usages...

@BB Heya! Sorry if it read like we’re more focussed on the back end: it’s the whole experience I’m trying to streamline. That requires far greater control over all elements of the back end. It’s why we’ll be able to make the interface facing everyday people so simple and quick. All that work is to (a) allow anyone to create a host easily (making it just for us would be much simpler) (b) enable the experience for everyday folks to be entirely frictionless and take < 1 minute. That’s the goal :)

@BB About the name: if it’s useful I don’t think it’ll matter (from past experience), people will find it. If it’s not, not even the most unique name would save it :)

(And thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.)

I largely agree. Though a more unique name can be helpful in casual communication whereby I can refer people to it quickly and reliably by simple name alone without having to refer to the URL. Thinking of variations off the top of my head, "Dolmen" came to mind in being another kind of "single person space", giving also the portmanteau "Dolmain" ... But I agree it's not an important concern that this stage.

Thanks for clarifying! I've watched the latter portion of the live stream on Vimeo now where you mention the one app = one domain model. From the end-user... eh, "end-person!" perspective, I wonder about what sort of flexibility there might be around deployment, and if it really must be only one user per server instance, or could accommodate small groups too (ideally with granular permissions control)?

...I very much agree that the target should be for it to be comfortable for non-technical people. However, the more technically inclined will always be the first movers. So I wonder if there is a step in this evolutionary pathway that fits in between the small scale federated, and the fully individual, and could be spaces orientated instead around small groups of family and/or friends? This is the sort of thing that comes to mind when I look at yunohost for example.

And BTW, I strongly agree with your underlying philosophy about how we should properly define success in egalitarian terms. 👍

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