Right, so this is it:

PS. @Fairphone this is what I was telling you you should be doing. (There’s still lots of time to start down the same track.)

💓 to the @Purism and @matrix folks – you’re entirely on the right path.

@aral @matrix @purism ...but @fairphone has had a different focus? Labour rights and materials sourcing, specifically? There are many "right paths", which help and reinforce each other, and it working hard on many of them at once can be a better use of resources than disparaging the "wrong" work that is not what _you_ consider to be the _most_ important.
@aral @fairphone @purism Also as a stability nerd, I much prefer XMPP being defined as a protocol rather than @matrix being "API"-s, which seem to me to discourage alternate implementations.

@pettter @Purism @matrix @Fairphone @aral

Yes. I always add an imaginary "IMO" at the end of many toots. Helps a lot!

@aral @Purism I think Fairphone's set of concerns are entirely different. They care about hardware supply chain ethics, ease of repair, recycling, etc. Purism cares about user freedom, whatever that means. The two might make sense together, but they're not necessarily required to be together - especially if the thought leaders come from different spheres.

@matrix @aral
yes this! and hoping to see some cooperation between them. Thought @Fairphone got more knowledge collected about a more fair production and @Purism more knowledge about what the #opensource communities are looking for.

thought sharing some of your resources will benefit both of you.

@aemon @paulfree14 @matrix @aral @Fairphone @Purism Exactly. I told them the same when I had the chance to.
cc @eider

We need to travel to the Netherlands and make some shit happen.

@paulfree14 @matrix @aral @Fairphone @Purism Puzzlephone is still alive. Perhaps that is an interesting project too.

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