@aral Also, we are not as cool as people at Purism but we also adopted it:

Now we are trying to put a new point on that, related with the environmental impact.

@ekaitz_zarraga Don’t agree with the first part but yay for the second and third (PS. Sustainability is a core ethical tenet; but perhaps we should emphasise that more – looking forward to reading what you come up with) :)

@aral Yeah, I want to make it more explicit.

Just say the designs we make try to use the minimum resources and they are designed following the Ecodesing:

You can get inspired from that too.

It's a great concept because it considers all the life and death of a product. It doesn't have many sense in the software (I make electronics and hardware too) if you consider it literally. But I'm sure you can make it fit ;-)

@aral I may write something down about this concept. It's really interesting. I've heard some architects talking about it and I think we can make it work on the software too.

@ekaitz_zarraga @aral if you consider product lifecycles it isn't hard to fit it into software. If the software requires more resources than it requires newer hardware which leads to waste if the task could have been done on older hardware if it was made more efficiently.

@inmysocks @aral Yeah, it's easy. The GNU project does it in someway.

You have to consider the moment when you deprecate the project and if something can be recycled and that kind of things. But it's not difficult to fit it into software too.

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