Design or Decoration?

IxDA Berlin just released the video from my talk at September’s event (and they’ve done a great job of editing it, thank you).

Watch it here:

@hairylarry Thank you, Larry. Here’s wishing you a lovely new year.

@aral Great talk, not only for designers (and decorators) but also for all of us who connect to the internet!

One disagrement though: apple as en example of company not much concerned by making a digital copy of you? Come on! On the iPhone, they have control on every single app you may use (through the app store), they're multiplying biometry sensors (voice, fingerprints, face…). This was a really surprising statement you made.

Hey @aral
thanks for this brilliant talk that should raise consciousness and trigger action.

is there any way we could get the transcript of your talk so that it could be translatable and published ?

@aral this is a thought provoking talk, thank you for preparing, delivering, and sharing it

My political opinions aside, it made me think about how early incarnations of the nation state focused on securing physical space/geography

Is there an emerging localized city state model that focuses on securing digital space? The example of Gent makes me wonder

In digital like physical space, there is both a need and technical complexity, which institutions are capable of doing it? Hm

@aral counter argument that physical space is limited by scarcity of land and resources where geographic monopolopies on force worked, in a way that doesn't directly translate to digital space

However, perhaps this is too literal a way of thinking about it

Anyway, the idea of creating value for the citizenry is what I'm thinking about here. While many are physically unsafe, many others are more affected by digital insecurity

@aral Thinking about this more and I'm not sure what I think! An interesting talk regardless 😃

@aral nice talk, quite "provocative" in the tone, like if you untied it all ... ;)
wondering if you didn't had to dodge some shoe even, as for "designers" it's a quite depressive view where you don't see the point anymore (design as manipulation, if you are a good person you don't... :/)
I also like when the talk join A. Harendt with user/people dist. as treating people as things is the mark of fascism...
I'm btw still using paper for personal thoughts and drawings. not gona change soon ;)

@aral also I think you make a mistake with "company that sells products" : the fruit company is just selling your datas "to itself" and using it the same way the others are, just not having same cashflow mechanics... when you publish an app using the store and metrics, you are paying your due to use the data at the source not in a separate invoice, that's all ...

can I watch it somewhere that's not youtube?

@digital The link is for Vimeo ;) (When we get a chance, we’ll include it on with our own non-tracking video player as Vimeo’s default player still embeds Google Analytics.)

@aral @Olm_e Having read through Apple's privacy measures, I concur. While it is true they can compete on privacy and that they do say all the right words on the surface, they certainly do seem to be collecting and to a lesser extent sharing excessive data. It is as if they make the mistake of thinking "ofcourse you can trust us" (a mistake Mozilla sometimes makes too).

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