@usul @iday Of course Greenpeace are not funded by ExxonMobil. Only in the tech industry would people actually- oh fuck it, I give up.

“Canonical's write-up of the work done to improve GNOME is also interesting for the long list of what didn't work and how wrong some of the developers' initial assumptions were—especially regarding GNOME's use of JavaScript. It turns out JavaScript had next to no effect on performance.”


@hntooter This is fascinating… “ Using vectors to encode the state of a physical system works just as well with macroscale block collisions as it does with microscale quantum states.“

Maybe its time to boycott Conservancy and #fosdem until such time as they're no longer promoting GAFAM. I understand that the history is complicated, but in 2020 we now have a very clear picture of how toxic those companies are in a multitude of ways.

The oldies like me need to remember why they originally resisted Microsoft, and not end up rationalizing away similar or worse abuses coming from Google and Facebook. In a lot of ways the problems created by those companies are much more existential than a sweating Ballmer hurling lawsuits and office furniture.

@fsi @conservancy Update #2: Looks like @fsfe – Free Software Foundation Europe – is also funded by Google (fsfe.org/donate/thankgnus-2018)

The Free Silicon Foundation has now removed them from the whitepaper also.

I don’t even know what to say anymore. Disappointed doesn’t even begin to cover it.

@xerz @fsi @conservancy Nope, it’s not unavoidable. We’re not funded by them. @Framasoft isn’t funded by them. Last I checked, @waag wasn’t funded by them… shall I go on?

No environmentalist organisation is funded by ExxonMobil. And if they tell you they are, well, then you know they’re not really for the environment.

@fsi @conservancy Thank you. It’s important to send a message to organisations that purport to champion freedom that they cannot do so while being funded by surveillance capitalists.



We were not aware that @conservancy is financed by Google. Thanks for pointing this out!

The choice of including the Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) in the paper was inspired by the role of Bradley M. Kuhn in the creation of the Affero GPL (sfconservancy.org/blog/?author).

Since an involvement of Google conflicts with our standards (as stated in our statute wiki.f-si.org/index.php/F-Si_S), we have removed the SFC from the white paper. Anyhow, they have not provided any feedback to it.

@tw2113 Oh you can definitely have a sustainable business that makes a useful product or provides a helpful service and improves people’s lives… I’m not against that. Heck, I’ve never drawn a salary in my life (have always worked for myself). I have a problem with the completely bonkers exponential growth with finite resources mindset of VCs/Silicon Valley/etc., colonialism, and a world where people starve while others are billionaires. Human welfare, not profit should be our key indicator.

@herrdoering @djsundog Let’s not conflate funding with infrastructure. Using the sidewalks to protest the sidewalks being built by slave labour isn’t the same as being funded by the construction company that uses slave labour to build the sidewalks. Sure, they want to release “open source”, I’ll use it if it helps me. But I’ll use it against their grain and without legitimising them.

@djsundog “Hey, let’s add surveillance to this free and open piece of hardware!” (Why not? Sounds like a gas!)

@dockers Thanks, it just kinda does its own thing 😊

@BartG95 I do find it useful for short bits of code. I find you usually kinda feel when it feels right and when it’s become unwieldy. But this was just plain confusing :)

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