Mozilla exists to normalise surveillance capitalism. Don’t @ me.

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Mozilla (funded by ~$500,000,000/year from Google) does product privacy reviews.

They’re as bad as you’d think:

“What's the worst that could happen? We suppose your roommate could access your Peloton, pretend they are you, and hurt your leaderboard status. Or maybe help your leaderboard status!”

@aral @dsfgs @actualsteerpike No, Bitcoin is not a "net positive for the globe".

Bitcoin set out to disintermediate the banking system, but it failed.

What it produced was a horrendously inefficient energy-guzzling monstrosity, which only really empowers people who already had a lot of money in the economy prior to Bitcoin's invention. The usual suspects got richer out of Bitcoin and the banking system wasn't obsoleted by it.

@dsfgs I literally just linked to the University of Cambridge web site for the stat.

1. Scroll to the original toot
2. Click the link
3. Look at the header

Oh, my! 🙃

@dsfgs @actualsteerpike If you say so. I mean who am I going to believe, Cambridge University or you? ;)

Guppe has been updated with automatic cert management thanks to the brilliant mind of @aral and I fixed the "active groups" query on the homepage to use the most recent 10K posts instead of the first 10K posts 😅

@btcdragonlord You know just putting words next to one another doesn’t imply they’ll have meaning, right?

Surveillance capitalism isn’t some corruption of capitalism; it’s just what capitalism is in the digital network age.

@dsfgs I literally just linked to Cambridge University’s own site.

@adamprocter the monitor is just the cheapest Philips 1920 x 1080 I could find (under €100). Damn good monitor for the price. Can look up the model number for you if you like.

@martinjd @laura Only in the studio. Please feel free to join us at the URL we had on screen next time :)

If you missed today’s live stream, you can watch it here:

We take you through our live streaming setup. Includes me struggling with a Just Works™ iPhone/AirPlay/Apple TV (while all the Linux stuff around them were busy, ahem, just working) and Laura covering creating transcripts – a crucial accessibility requirement.

Small is Beautiful – live stream – starts in half an hour: a meta look at our live streaming setup 🤓

alcohol, violence? 

@jens Damn, that’s pretty badass :)

@SylvainDe Does it matter? I mean not only has GitHub already implemented it so it’s no trouble at all to adopt but if it means that even one person doesn’t feel bad because of something that’s so easy to change, why not? (Not to mention that main or default are far more semantically correct as a branch does not have to be based on the main branch, which is what a master/copy relationship implies.)

@edgaras For the core client and for authoring “apps” (features/plug-ins for rendering, authoring, and administering certain types of data).

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