@taoeffect Do you immediately think "SJW" when you read “social justice?”

I usually find that folks who call people “SJWs” have a problem with social justice in general.

@alan @better What can I say, some folks must really love the taste of boot leather.

@Knigge No, it’s always good to be in the pocket of folks like Google and Facebook. That’s how we’re going to move past surveillance capitalism, when we’re all paid by them. Or something…

@harald Yeah, that’s the problem. If X Corp pays you, you won’t be overly keen to hire folks who are working on things that are against X Corp’s interests. Creates a major conflict of interest and leads to institutional corruption. Most (all?) universities, sadly, have become free outsourced corporate training departments.

@orionholmes @better If you’re on Safari, the best place is to open up the developer console. I wish Apple gave us a better way to report that but they don’t and they’ve been aware of the feature request for years.

If you care about social justice, the time to say no is when they try to lift you up on a pedestal. Every time. Because the pedestal is incompatible with the kind of world you want to live in. And you most definitely do not seek it or cling onto it if you already made the mistake of saying yes.

(And, yeah, sadly it IS usually men but it goes equally for everyone.)

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Make no man a king lest you get stuck with kings.

Anyone know of any universities that have a policy of NOT taking industry money?

@tauli @better (But they were basically injecting a filter: grayscale(100%) into the opening html tag.)

@better PPPS. Looks like National Rail have removed their greyscale filter so everyone can see the site in colour again.

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@better PPS. We don’t have as fine-grained control over the EasyList formatted version so more sites may break when compared to the WebKit content blocking rules.

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@better PS. If you’re not on iOS/macOS, you can still use Better’s blocking rules on other platforms via apps like uBlock Origin.

Add the blocking rules from better.fyi/blockerList.txt

(I’d recommend not mixing it with other ad/tracking lists although malware/spyware lists should be fine)

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Want to know if your tracker blocker is working?

Go to nationalrail.co.uk

If it’s in colour, you’re blocking Google.

If it’s in black and white, you’re being tracked by Google.

PS. It’s in colour with @better ;) (better.fyi)

This week’s Small Is Beautiful livestream will be on “National Rail Fail: lessons to be learned on privacy and accessibility”

How come
@better fixes the National Rail site? What are the wider implications?

Thursday 15th April, 5pm (Irish time) at small-tech.org/events/small-is

It’ll be me and @aral this week. Back in separate rooms, I suspect.

National Rail have turned their web site grey to honour a dead royal racist. If you have @better installed, you see it in colour.


Because they’re including the code using Google Tag Manager and we block that tracker.



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