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@dansup @cjd I’ve been running and maintaining the Omnibus edition with no hassle whatsoever for You can easily install/update via apt on Debian-based systems. In case it helps, here’s the relevant bits from an automated server install script that I use for one of the servers for Better Blocker:

(Since it’s so easy, I use GitLab-based servers as part of the build process and also to serve tracker block list data from the iOS/Mac apps.)

@dansup When you take VC, you sell the company. No ifs, no buts. We keep getting surprised as the sale usually just takes several years to complete. C’est la “exit”.

This is why VC investment is incompatible with sustainable businesses with social missions. And why I keep harping on about how we must support projects that benefit the commons from the commons (

Watching with bated hope and suppressed trepidation as Turkey goes to the ballot box to determine if democracy has a future in the country.

@Gargron This is awesome, Eugen. Please go on with this series if you have time – I would have loved to have read it while I was trying to get my head around the spec; it would have saved me a lot of confusion :)

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Just watched Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette on Netflix and… just watch it if you get the chance.

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With 13 days to go, PeerTube has reached 92% of it's funding goal of €20.000 for finishing up the work on version 1. Spread the word and get more people to chip in. Perhaps they can reach some of the stretch goals too!

#peertube #joinpeertube #crowdfunding #floss
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@aral note to self - when visiting Europe, more Barcelona, less London...

Live: We Make The City: Next Generation Cities


We Make The City: Opening Night


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is anyone working on an #ActivityPub federated web 1.0-style webforum?

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Digital Masquerade


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Wow! #PeerTube funding campaign just raised to 42%! \o/
Only 15 days left to meet our goal, so keep on sharing and #JoinPeertube

@waweic Thanks :) Had wanted it even before it was feasible (Albania relatively recently allowed two-letter registrations.) :)

Had a lovely lunch with Laura at Little Saigon in Amsterdam

Peer web: dat://

Centralised web:

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So folks, the #article13 and #linktax proposals will be going soon to the EU parlaiment, and if they pass they will become a serious problem for the #Fediverse:
* To automatically filter copyrighted materials, even badly, you need a way to reference those materials. Even our largest instances probably can't afford access!
* Our instances will not be able to afford licenses to link to news sites under the new #LinkTax rules.
Go make some noise at:

I’m live blogging the Public Stack Summit. Use Beaker Browser with Live Reload turned on to get a streaming feed:


Old web: