@trwnh @keithzg My point exactly. No one who uses an OS gives a crap about upstream or downstream. They don’t care about who’s to blame. They only care about whether it is easy to use, beautiful, and consistent. Otherwise, you might as well be talking gobbledegook ;)

@andreas Ah, fuck, left the wrong command in the post, sorry. Will fix when I’m at my computer. Thank you for the heads up and apologies for the inconvenience.

@trwnh @keithzg I want a standard for sidestream. People who buy Macs really love sidestream. I mean, they also love quantumstream iconophagic reconnaissance droidery but mostly they’re into sidesteam quadrophonics. I guess that explains why people use Macs and not Linux on desktop. 🤷‍♂️

Indie Web Server 8.2.0: Cascading archives for an evergreen web


I just released version 8.2.0 of Indie Web Server. This version brings with it a cascading archives feature to make it easier than ever for you to support an evergreen web and not break existing links as you evolve your sites.

@sirikon Try and get an app that isn’t consistent with Apple’s HIG onto the iOS or macOS App Stores. Also, on those platforms, since consistency is the norm, people would reject an inconsistent app even if Apple allowed it (or if it was distributed outside the store). It’s a matter of pride on those platforms for your icon to be consistent. On Linux, the norm – currently – is inconsistency.

If you want to understand why I’m so pissed off about such a “minor” thing (icons, pfft!) it’s because this year I will be showing my Linux desktop to 1000s of people at conferences and I want to challenge their preconceptions about FOSS; to know that FOSS can be beautiful.

@david Pop!_OS does go far beyond aesthetic differences. Also: the greatest advantage is that System76 makes the whole widget.

@mathieu *sigh* right, it’s a conspiracy theory. I think Godzilla might be involved. Do you think he is? Maybe it’s secret government officials? Or aliens? The deep state? Bill Gates?

@mathieu Conspiracy theory: “A conspiracy theory is an explanation of an event or situation that invokes an unwarranted conspiracy, generally one involving an illegal or harmful act carried out by government or other powerful actors.“

Phrases don’t just magically mean what we want them to mean when we’re trying to discredit someone.

@mathieu Try and get a non-compliant icon through to the iOS or macOS app stores. Of course, we don’t have that sort of control (nor should we) but we can try and do the best for the people who use our tools instead of putting our own needs and vanities first. This isn’t about us.

@K0nrad Great – let them sue a FOSS project. While they’re at it, they can take a full-page ad in the NYT proclaiming “we’re the bad guys”. PR disaster.

Before it got to that, they’d design a version of their logo that they’re happy with and contribute it. If the OS stated that it was a requirement.

FOSS developers: My right to create a crappy ass icon in my pixel app trumps your right to have an aesthetically consistent experience.

Regular folks: Ooh, look at macOS! 😍

FOSS developers: why no one use our operating system?

@mathieu Not a conspiracy theory; just a theory. There’s a difference.

@mathieu If we want to make progress in design in the free/open source world, we have to realise that it’s the needs of the people using our tools, not our vanities as developers that should take precedence.

The rights of millions of people not to stare at a crappy inconsistent desktop outweighs the “brand rights” of developers, imho. And, oh look, I’m a developer too but this isn’t about me.

I have no insider knowledge but I have a feeling (from the last two releases), that someone at System76 is overruling their designers who brought out the first version and they should really stop doing that. Or maybe I’m wrong and the consistency and approach of the first release was a fluke (these things rarely are). I wonder if the person leading that left or something. Again, just extrapolating from symptoms. There’s been a loss of consistency in the last two releases (18.10 and 19.04).

@gigamo Yeah, there is a new “design system” but System76 made a conscious decision to drop custom third-party icons (pop-planet.info/forums/threads)

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