@espectalll Fastmail. And yeah, they used to spam the heck out of me. Hmm… that makes me wonder *goes to check mail rules*

@aidalgol It looks like they really don’t like it when (a) you have a VPN (b) you’re using private browsing and/or (c) you have Better enabled.

So I guess Twitter isn’t going to let me log on anymore? Been waiting about 10 minutes since I first tried logging in and no email (nothing in spam either).

Oh well, that’d be one way to lock folks out I guess.

At the hotel after my tech check at the NextM Poland venue for tomorrow and may I just say it’s a right circus in there ;)

@adamprocter Authentication in Tincan (the p2p persistence/auth layers on Site.js) will be based on publickey auth where only your trusted nodes have the private keys. Unlike IndieWeb, with Tincan, the web node is an untrusted node (the browser, otoh, is a trusted node). So no, IndieAuth will not be supported. They solve very different problems.

All packed for Warsaw to present the opening keynote on Small Technology tomorrow at NextM Poland. Last talk of the year. Looking forward to staying put and coding for the rest of December :)


Visto che siamo in argomento, consiglio a tutt la visione dello splendido talk di @aral al parlamento europeo sulla questione del capitalismo della sorveglianza.

Da oggi disponibile con sottotitoli in italiano:


@rexmez That would be good policy. I wouldn’t hold your breath, though. Infers a level of technical understanding and political will that simply doesn’t exist in Brussels at the moment (or in the foreseeable future). But it doesn’t mean we can’t push for it :)

TIL that Microsoft’s remote development extensions for VSCode are not open source and so cannot be used in Codium.

Microsoft being Microsoft.

@JohnsNotHere Good luck + remember to open the Wireguard port (default 51820) – I got bitten by that ;)

Note: *relatively* simple, as in compared to legacy VPN tools for someone who’s technically proficient. Not simple as in “everyday thing for everyday people.” But a game changer. *schemes a little scheme* :)

@tachan @iday Thanks! It did seem more full from the stage but I guess it wasn’t packed, no.

Bloody hell Wireguard is so simple to set up. Been using it via AzireVPN (which is excellent) for over a year now but only just got round to playing with setting up my own server. Amazing how simple it is (writing this via a VPN connection to it now).

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