So we’ve moved in and got fibre connected just in time for Laura to present her talk tomorrow at PrivacyWeek Austria (my own talk is Friday so I have yonks to prep).

@pluralistic in addition to sabotaging large competitors, the buying sprees of monopolists create the startup culture built on burning money and trying to survive until they get bought.

That way Google/Microsoft/… not only sabotage their direct competitors, but also destroy most upcoming competitors by corrupting them from the start to aim for the sellout instead of creating a sustainable model.

CC @aral


@owzim Yeah, they’re sweethearts, really, but rather scary if you don’t know that they’re basically harmless.

Half moved :)

(We’re in Kilkenny now but half our stuff isn’t as the movers realised yesterday they have to do another run today as everything didn’t fit into the van they had.)

Oh, and guess who locked their bikes three years ago after bringing them over from Sweden and is now searching for a locksmith on Saturday? 🤦‍♂️

(Biking where we were, although not unheard of, was rather akin to a death wish.)


@arca0 @margodeweerdt Thanks :) We had three years of stability which, I guess, is more than most people can hope for in late-stage/pre-revolution capitalism :)

re: Arachnid 

@inference Haha, I hear you. Apart from looking menacing, they’re harmless though and run away whenever they can. Part of what makes them appear more threatening is that they’re among the world’s fastest spiders so to have something that size running at that speed can be worrisome (especially if it’s in your general direction) :)

Remember to hug (ask first!) and otherwise appreciate your instance admins today and over then next week or so.

Your instance admins will be putting in additional time and effort due to a washed-down right-wing celebrity's latest vanity project.

They will handle it, the heroes that they are. But they will need hugs and appreciation.

If you can, also throw a coin, that helps of course. But hugs and appreciation, first and foremost.



This is sink spider; a giant house spider (this one’s still growing, they can easily get twice as large… or maybe it’s a male) who lives in the disused utility room sink. Going to miss saying good morning to the little thing. Hope it survives the end-of-tenancy clean booked for tomorrow. Not sure if it’s best I take it out into the garden or not.

@madnificent @sl007 @datatitian Haha, no worries :) Also: that’s why we have type checking, compilers, and debuggers ;)

@margodeweerdt Thanks! Most of it so far has been decluttering and recycling. Thank goodness we didn’t accumulate too much stuff here and trying to carry over as little as possible. But yes, it all does still add up :)


@Midder @aral 5 years later: We tried to make it open and interoperable but failed due to everybody else's fault. We'll accept the burden of managing this for now.


"No one company will own and operate the metaverse.Like the internet, its key feature will be its openness and interoperability," F***book said in its blog post.

Because this is an area F***book has shown proficiency in? The fox wants to guard the hen-house.

Last packing day before the move.

📦 📦 📦

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