Me: I have a week to ensure the web site is live and finish two talks so we can launch at the international conference I’m opening.

Also me: what do you think of the custom ASCII-art message of the day I just made for the server?

@futzle Haha, I remember those days (and being bitten by that). Ah, I don’t miss the good ’ol days (well, apart from the lack of online surveillance, that is).

Quick update: the lovely designer sent me WOFF2 exports she made from her OTF files and they work perfectly. So the issue is with FontSpring’s WOFF2 export. Will update with the name of the designer, the font, and links to it (it’s beautiful) once I hear that FontSpring have fixed the issue.

PS. Chatting to the designer now – might be a font foundry conversion issue. I’ve ruled out a couple of other things. Will update once we’ve tracked it down.

@futzle Thanks, Deborah, it is rather odd! Will get to the bottom of it eventually. I noticed that it works fine on FontSpring (where we bought it from) on Windows so it must be something we’re doing/have done on our end… I have a hunch it might be a mime-type issue perhaps…

@ck Thanks – alas, it’s the same on Edge, etc. also.

@jalcine Yeah. And the same font displays perfectly well on Linux and macOS.

Very odd: has anyone ever come across a web font that renders perfectly fine in browsers on Linux and macOS but where the glyphs are corrupted in every browser on Windows? Never seen anything like this before.

Spot the two computers :)

Spoiler: Raspberry Pi 4 rear-left, feeding the 4K monitor. Raspberry Pi 3 with touchscreen in foreground.)

Spent a lovely evening in Dublin and now back in Cork with my parents. So lovely to have them at home. This is the first place we’ve lived in that they’ve gotten to see.


On our way to Dublin to greet my parents. Been years since I’ve seen them given I can’t go to Turkey (because I’ve publicly criticised president Erdoğan and thus face arrest if I go) and because they have to go through ridiculous bureaucracy to come to the EU.

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