@bananarama A lot of the Rust/WASM stuff I’ve seen uses WebGL, canvas, etc., and is entirely inaccessible. Seems to be a sad pattern with Exciting New Tech (tm).

re: moving 

@endocrimes @meena Please make sure you look into the housing situation as far ahead of time as you can; things are ridiculously bad here if you’re going to be renting.

@fitheach @potato_lisper Ah, yes, these were family homes in Turkey. In retrospect, investing that in something here would’ve meant we didn’t need to rent now (which brings a lot of precariousness into things) but it wasn’t like that was an option at the time (they were small flats and things cost a lot more here.) :) It kept us going for several years though and we’re still at it.

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@gert @aral Oh I dunno, GitHub was *proprietary* all along, brazen hypocrisy — we build a front-end and community around FLO software development, and no, of course our software isn't FLO.

tom.preston-werner.com/2011/11 and Tom's anti-GPL screed and other antagonistic ideas were around the whole time.

Anyone who felt "sold out" when MS bought it was delusional to start with.

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It's that time of year again, #Hacktoberfest is approaching!

#Owncast is encouraging people to participate by offering our own t-shirts on top of the regular Hacktoberest shirt!

Read more about how you can contribute this year, even if you're not a developer at our Hacktoberfest page:

@fitheach @potato_lisper I wish you didn’t have to. The joys of renting. Maybe selling those two houses to work on small tech wasn’t the wisest choice :)

(I’m kidding, I wouldn’t want it any other way.)

@cubicgarden Hey Ian, it’s been a minute. Hope you’re well :)

I’d describe it as a Ponzi scheme. The next generation of bullshit by the fine folks who brought you surveillance capitalism (and some even finer folks who want to replace them).

We talked about it a bit during one of our Small is Beautiful streams: small-tech.org/videos/small-is

Me: Ah, JavaScript decorators would be perfect for this…

Also me: #@$^&#!! they don’t work on functions, only methods (and classes, properties) even in strict mode (which doesn’t hoist).

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When #greenwashing by #ad companies meets bad journalism.

Not at all what I expect from the #Guardian 😞


The message here is "yes we can make tiny symbolic gestures to protect the environment, but only if it saves #advertising profits":

No ads, no bees. Would be a pity if we had to throw away the flowers!

It's beyond ridiculous! I'm going to unravel the deception in five toots:

(this is 1/8) 🧵

@quincy Should be entirely expected from The Guardian; their business model is based on advertising.

@whatanerd I totally hear you and you’re spot on :)

It’s why we’re working on the “Small Web” (as we call it).


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🎉 D-1️⃣ 🎉 Tomorrow, 27 Sept, marks another milestone in our journey behind the 🧱 copyright bricks 🧱 with the release of #WalledCulture - the book by @glynmoody. A must read if you care about access to culture or knowledge, and the Internet


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Due to recent events, I´d like to ask my fellow Europeans once again to please stop electing fascists.

We´ve tried it. It´s shit.

Kind regards from Germany,

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