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@ekaitz_zarraga Seriously, though, it pisses me off that Mozilla is spending its resources on such things. We don’t need yet another fucking programming language; we need decentralised free and open alternatives to the Facebooks and Googles of the world. Of course, if you’re funded by them, making another fucking programming language is a good, safe, non-threatening use of time/funds. (And then you find yourself with ActivityPub implementations in Rust while there are none in JavaScript!) *smh*

@ekaitz_zarraga I don’t believe you’re supposed to copulate with it.

@craigmaloney Appreciate your thoughts, Craig :)

@xj9 Will check them out; thanks for the heads up :)

@KindlyFire Have you had a chance to use CoffeeScript 2 in a project? (I hear you on simplicity. Something to be said about total cognitive load in technology choices.)

Plain ES6, CoffeeScript 2, Elm, Or… for a new Node.JS project in 2018?

So, fediverse, would welcome your thoughts. I’m a big fan of CoffeeScript for its elegance. Not sure if using 2 would pose interoperability issues with libraries in 1 (eg. =>) & whether the additional inconsistencies with JS (eg., async keyword not being required for async functions) would make it confusing for other team members…

Bracket hell be damned, I’m actually considering plain JS using standard style… thoughts?

@harriskenny Hey Harris, thanks, man. And great initiative, thank you. It’s awesome to see work on ethical alternatives across disciplines :)

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Hi all,

Just a reminder that 2 weeks ago I announced that will be shut down today.

In case you haven’t had a chance to backup your followers list, I’m going to give a grace period until end of day (CET) on Sunday (Dec 17th).

To backup your followers, please go to Settings ( → Data export and use the CSV link to download your followers list. You can then import them into any other Mastodon instance.

@Gargron It is indeed – I want to see if a very barebones implementation in JavaScript might be something we can use for Ghent. (Will no doubt need your help also if that’s the route we decide to take) :)

@h @forteller You know I trust anything Google about as far as I can throw it (I suck at throwing)… but standards are one way they could be shamed into implementing this functionality which, let’s face it, if it was up to installing an extension, only 1% of folks would use.

Having a bourbon and… I like it. That’s a first! Willett Pot Still Reserve.

@h @forteller “Follow” -> follow this web site/person with my personal site/account.

@fabianhjr @h Ignore me folks, was just theorising. Should have learned to theorise with products not natural language by now ;)

@h OK, let’s all keep using Disqus, then :)

(I don’t see how built in support for following a web site with your own web site, or replying to an article via your own web site is a terrible, terrible idea, but hey…)

@bob That’s cool, I’m happy to sacrifice third-party cookie functionality for that ;)

@Elucidating Just tried it out – very impressive :)

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I'm sorry for all the IPFS tweets but this is just incredible. Check out peerpad: or or or (if you run ipfs locally) http://localhost:8080/ipfs/QmXhnaUzhiZ6EGvr2SwPgSZzVhfsTnzTW5EsXH6TNnQcYD

So long as your network connectivity story isn't too sketchy, this is a fully distributed, real time collaborative text editor that can support thousands of clients at once.

So cool.