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Viveport MakeVR #vr modeling tool
Pro: Tools for editing based on object interactions: add, subtract, slice, stamp; full color palette and some textures; extrusion of arbitrary face shapes; .obj export
Con: No fine-tuning of faces/vertices

Imports to #AframeVR #WebVR mostly OK, but textures which ignore color in the editor end up with unexpected tinting (e.g. those blue/purple mountains)

Tried out a couple of in #vr modeling tools today.

#GoogleBlocks is a brand new free tool.
Pro: extrusion, .obj export (if you post to their public gallery), edit vertices and faces
Con: no textures, unreasonably limited color palette (~12 colors), not able to permanently group objects

Imports to #Aframevr #Webvr well (except for the 1 shader-based color)

Viveport MakeVR...

Another incredible benefit to #OpenSource #FOSS I hadn't considered before: when the top talent on a project leaves their job, it doesn't mean they also have to leave the project behind
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#Google ventures into #VR advertising in a most unremarkable way:

>The new experiment, which is simply called Advr, involves a cube-like ad format which allows video ads to run in a 3D/VR environment.

So disappointing. IMO, it should be a person. A humanoid avatar that can speak, answer (simple) questions, and demonstrate the product or hand you a facsimile to inspect.

@lucaconti the story will change a bit in August, when FF is the first to launch native #WebVR support in their mainstream version. #VR

This mini #AFrameVR #WebVR experience visualizes the water requirements for production of different foods. Try it on your phone! Just move your phone to point at the foods

Is Facebook Taking Its First Steps Into VR Surveillance?

“Virtual Reality, for a people-farmer like Facebook, is the ultimate behavioral analysis lab,” said Balkan. “It can control every factor, from the lighting to every sound you hear and gauge and analyze your responses.”

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When referencing online articles, I find it disturbing to not have another means of reference than page reference, like maybe paragraph reference. It's not a thing in MLA right now, but maybe it should be?
Or maybe soon thesises will be written in virtual reality programming and we can walk through the argument, and find the source hyperlinked directly to the words on the page.