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Today, I submitted a radical redesign of Better Blocker for iOS to the App Store for approval in time for the launch of iOS 12…

@aral does Apple take 30% from non-profits like you too?

@Sapakus As far as I know, yes. Although I just looked it up and found this: “Nonprofits can already collect donations using free-to-download App Store apps and avoid the 30% In-App Purchase fee which is usually mandatory for application developers.”

Not sure how that or the waiving of the yearly fee (not the biggest expense) applies to non-profits outside the US right now but I’ll have a look.

@aral I can see why Apple would waive the yearly fee for non-profit (it costs them nothing). That’s the least they can do.

I understand if Apple charged 2-3% from app purchase, that’s their cost, but charging 30% to non-profit open source software is ridiculous.

If anything, you’re making their iOS Better. (Pun intended).

@aral I volunteer to test the macOS version on the three different Macs I have at home.

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