Wasn’t allowed to ask the question so tweeted it instead (Twitter has its uses sometimes):

Facebook just presented a keynote titled Privacy at Facebook at .

Here’s the question I would have asked if I had been allowed to: “Privacy at Facebook is an oxymoron; it is a contradiction of terms. Facebook’s business model is based on violating privacy…”


“…You spoke about Privacy Settings. The setting you do not have is ‘private from Facebook, Inc.’ It seems to me the only honest presentation on Privacy at Facebook would be a single slide: ‘You have no privacy on Facebook.’ What are your thoughts on that?”

Also, for the record, “will you be nice to Facebook and Google during the afternoon?” is the wrong question to ask one of your speakers. My role is to call out, not to coddle, multinational corporations that violate human rights when they’re being legitimised.

Despite what the US Supreme Court has said, corporations are _not_ people, so you do not need to be nice to them

@aral Wait, they didnt actually ask you to go nice on the behemoths did they?

@christobal Sure did :) “We think it might be more powerful if you kept your arguments for your talk”


Well thats just some next level bootlicking right there. Will your talk be available anywhere?

@aral soooo... You said no and they cut you off?

@ella_kane Wasn’t given a question (“you already asked a question”) and only one question was allowed before it moved on.

@aral Of course not, at Facebook the user is the product, not the customer.

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