#FOSDEM2019 Keynote

Quote: "Today FLOSS software is everywhere. In some ways the dream of 20 years ago has been realized. FLOSS software is the norm, GitHub is mainstream."

Hmmm, thank you Mitchell. Do you know that Github was bought by Microsoft?

I'm glad "FLOSS is about freedom." This is reassuring. But I'm concerned that Mozilla remains the last bastion of it, and that someone like Steve Klabnik is leaving Mozilla ( maybe for... Google...

#FOSDEM2019 Keynotes

OK, I think that after removing L for Libre from FLOSS in FOSDEM we might as well remove the E for Europe, as all 4 keynote speakers are U.S.Americans.

Or don't we have European Free Software developers?

@how You do, but some of them are boycotting USOSSDEM ;)

Time for a no bullshit European ethical technology event not sponsored by or teeming with surveillance capitalists who happen to work on some open source projects.

@aral @how Not CopyleftConf then, a new conference in Brussels the day after FOSDEM with Google as platinum sponsor.

A conference with copyleft in it's name and Google as a sponsor, don't know whether to laugh or be sad.

@desikn @aral

This is a sad day for free software. These companies must rejoice to have stepped over software freedom and demonstrated once more that capitalism can phagocyte anything.

@desikn @aral @how Well, MS has some kind of open-source spree lately (github, VS Code, built-in linux support, ...)

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