No, Apple are not perfect. No, they’re not your friend (no trillion-dollar corporation is). Yes, we must invest in and build ethical, individually-owned-and-controlled and peerarchical technological infrastructure from the commons and for the common good. No, Apple isn’t just the same as Google and telling people that they are when it comes to your privacy is patently irresponsible.

@aral Interesting idea with lot of good arguments. But i installed littlesnitch on my MacBook Pro few month ago and i was surprised when i saw approximately nine MAC OS process to send data over the network without warning me after launch my session. So i think that all the data sent aren't personal data. But Apple could ask me before to do this ! In comparison, on GNU/Linux Devuan, with standard desktop and software, there is zero connexion issued by daemon or soft.

@qdemouliere Agree. And nothing guarantees that they won’t throw away their competitive advantage or reach the bean counting conclusion that it’s not in their interests in certain markets (see China) or as the regulatory environment shifts in certain jurisdictions (see anywhere where the far right are coming to/are in power).

@aral Some very valid points about Apple as compared to Google. The idea that Google looks after us at the price of our privacy should be a eake up call however we live in a culture where people don't care. The general response is that if you have something to 'hide' then you must be doing something wrong. :doomguy: Sometimes feels like I'm pushing back against waves of apathy.

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