Being a good developer isn’t about writing good code. It’s about making tools that improve people’s lives without compromising their rights, freedom, and safety.

@aral IDK. what if I'm writing effective, efficient software for a killer robot that can carry out extrajudicial assasinations? My code makes an excellent murderer, but I'm a bad developer?

@2ck @aral You'd definitely be a bad person! I guess there are even some professions where killing people is the whole point... 🤔

@aral In an ideal world we'd do both. But today most in the industry do neither.

Even more dangerous are the devs out there that write technically good code to produce bad software... software that focuses primarily on false goals like scalability, centralisation / consolidation, monetisation.

Give me hobbyist's spaghetti code that doesn't scale past my PC over some super clever app from Big Tech that ties me to a corporate data centre and commoditises my data any day.

@msh @aral This right here! My preference is definitely awful libre spaghetti code over excellent proprietary spyware.

@msh @aral unfortunately, We Live In A Society in which we have to make money to feed ourselves and our families or I'd hear you a lot more
@msh @aral like it hollows me out inside every day to write more capitalism poisoned code that's going to be sold by my company to another company for absurd prices, don't get me wrong for a second

but I do it because it's something I'm good at that puts money on the table

@pea I'm not passing judgement on you or anyone else making a living by programming. Heck, so do I. I think what @aral is not taking about being paid to code, and ultimately not even the license that code is available under. Google and Facebook build a lot of really shitty software by leveraging Free software tools and components after all.

Not all of us can easily chose the perfect way to make a living. The industry is shitty, not you.

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