If you’re a developer, you care about accessibility, and you’re looking for something to work on, consider helping out with Jitsi.

Reasons we can’t use it for EU events:

- No support for simultaneous translation
- No support for sign language interpretation
- Other issues

@aral how would sign language interpretation work? Would it be enough if the translator was another user in the conference? Or was superimposed with OBS?

@kuba @aral Similar question from me:

How are other systems that _are_ approved implementing this? Is that something that has a protocol, or is it proprietary?

@kuba Yes, as long as their video was always visible. That’s the most important thing.


It might be possible to build some of these things on top of jitsi. It seems pretty versatile.

E.g., layers an RPG-style map on a Jitsi room, allowing you to easily talk to others in a close physical proximity to your avatar in the room.

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