A conservative, a centrist, and a leftist are on a sinking boat. The conservative is drilling the holes. The leftist is trying to patch them. The centrist is yelling at the leftist to stop rocking the boat.


the NatSoc is laughing because the other three are black and can't swim

@aral If you consider yourself a centrist, you're being played.
-- Kevin Carson

@aral The leftist is also using ground up paste made of poor people to fill the holes, and it doesn't work very well, but his buddy the richest guy on the boat says that's how you do it and we all have to make sacrifices for the greater good even though nobody that guy knows will be personally affected because he's got another boat right there anyway.

@aral the conservative is trying conserve the boat by patching the holes and removing the rot and mold

The centrists don't know much and dedicate their time to something else

The leftists are trying to get rid of the ores and trying to change the boats to a different type of boat dispute the Russian boats and Chinese ones broke all the time

@lordbin @aral
The leftists eat the oreos and die happy while the conservatives and centrists sulk before drowning with empty stomachs.

@davengkel @aral what have Oreos got to do with anything. I wrote ores as in the stick you row wuth

@lordbin @aral the leftist tries to be useful, the conservative is trying to sell seats for another boat he has lined up and the centrist is repeating some propaganda about the leftists that goes a little like this: “The leftists are trying to get rid of the ores and trying to change the boats to a different type of boat dispute the Russian boats and Chinese ones broke all the time”

@Calavera_Jo @aral I don't think any leftist is trying to useful, leftist tend to do whatever a big corporation or a labour mp says.

I don't think any moral conservative would do that, maybe the politicians and rich tits would but I do believe the average conservative would try to repair the boat. Even when the captain is some crazy lunatic

@lordbin @aral AH yes they would try to repair the boat just as they’re trying to fix climate change and poverty today.

@Calavera_Jo @aral in Britain we have ended them to the best of anybody's ability. Climate change is the fault of China and its many factories. Poverty is something we don't really have outside of London

@lordbin @aral those factories in China, who are they producing those goods for my dude? Think a bit. Who’s buying the smartphones, computers and everything built in those factories? Could it be that the west reduced its pollution by moving their factories east to exploit cheaper labour?

@Calavera_Jo @aral what more can a country do than give poor people money. Most homeless people in the UK are homeless by choice. There isn't much that the government can do except: end mass immigration, make products in our own countrys, support local shops and farmers. The things leftest don't want us to do

@Calavera_Jo @aral have been banging this drum for a while, the leftist advocate for globalism.
We have an act where no products of slavery are allowed but this does need updating.

@lordbin @aral no my dude! Leftists are not advocating for globalism! It’s the rich CEOs that are pushing for that! How would the left profit from sending factories to China?!

I wonder, how do you define leftist, or what characterizes a leftist?

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