Folks on Twitter: if you notice that my account has unfollowed yours, please don’t take it personally: I’m running a browser extension to unfollow all accounts.


Read: Hell site (

TL; DR: I’ve had enough of dealing with shit-stirring asshole algorithms :)

I’ll continue to forward posts from my own Mastodon instance so, if you want to keep up with Small Tech/Web stuff, you can still follow my posts, if you like. (I’ll also read replies/respond when I can.)

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@hankg Twitter Unfollow All ( – I’m running it in Chromium right now and it’s basically going through my followers list and clicking the unfollow button one at a time. I’ve reduced the zoom to the minimum which fits ~100 accounts per screen (as the infinite scroll refresh is the slowest bit). I just have it running. It’s going at around ~1.5 unfollows/sec so should be done in about 4.5 hours or so :)

@aral Damn no Firefox version. I'm versed with the Twitter API I could write my own Kotlin version if I decide to do it though.

@Cedara Haha, thanks (but I have been here a while already) ;)

Hi @aral

Very nice piece! There's a notional chapter after yours WRT Twitter/FB/Google which is, what comes after the point where you have (effectively) _all_ the money/people/power? So far it looks like some creepy variation of fascism.

Sit back with a cup of tea, enjoy the show. You have certainly done your part--and then some.

@aral I think you have the right idea there. I've not been very active on Twitter for some time, mostly just reading things, so maybe it's time for me to follow suit.

@aral You're actually who inspired me to get my own Mastodon instance a while back, but I haven't figured out what to do with it just yet. Not found enough people to follow, but maybe that's a good thing. Slow and steady, and all that stuff?

@konc Indeed :)

I’m also using to forward my posts from here to Twitter and I’ve added my Mastodon to my Twitter bio to try and get more people interested.

@aral Yeah following your Hell Site toot/tweet earlier I connected my accounts on as well and put the Masto link in my bio. Good first steps. 😀

@aral Oh, out of curiosity, which options did you check on

@konc You know what, I don’t remember. Will take a look tomorrow and let you know :)

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