Not on elementary OS?

Couldn’t care less about task switchers?

That’s OK, you can still download and use the lovely wallpaper by @margodeweerdt you see in the screenshot in the previous post.


not sure if it's intentional or not, but at your install instructions you have just "gala --replace", but at the bottom after the build instructions you prefix the same command with sudo?

@FiXato Ah, right, will fix that. No sudo necessary.

But, really, reboot ;)

@aral I just switched to elementary and this was driving me nuts. Thanks!

@aral oh Lord. Now I have to install ElementaryOS


OMG, thank you. This is the one experience in Elementary that drives me nuts and I miss from my Mac days.

I'm still on 5.1.7 but hope to upgrade soon. Maybe I'll try out Gala Alt Tab Plus in the meantime.

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