Google: literally pays $15B to be the default search engine

Some folks: it’s not that bad, you can change it to a different search engine

Which part of that DEFAULT is worth FIFTEEN BILLION DOLLARS specifically because most people will not change it did you not understand exactly?

Defaults matter, people.

Defaults bloody matter.

@aral lack of sensible defaults is imo the biggest reason programming languages and frameworks, tools fail so yeah absolutely agreed

To be honest, most other search engines suck monkey balls, so they shouldn't be paying anyway 😀. All obvious other reasons for not using it aside of course

@sexybiggetje sadly, you are right. but there is still a solution provide you the good search results from google, but do not track you


@aral people who say "i just change it" probably don't care about others

All one has to do is ask WHY Google is willing to pay so much to have their product be the default.

The answer: the money they stand to make from data-mining and exploiting the people who use that product will far eclipse the money they paid Apple.

Defaults do matter. If Apple respected their users, Safari would prompt users to select the search engine of their choice the first time they run it.

@aral I wonder how much they pay Mozilla?
Every time I set up a new Firefox, I'm like, "I am using this browser because I don't want to use G***le's browser or one of its close kin, so why is it trying to use G****e as the default search engine?"

@aral Never knew I could be worth so much. Thank you Google :)

@aral something similar must happen with Windows©. We pay for its license with the computer, alright, but deals of the magnitude of billions must happen between M$ and manufacturers.

Why else every computer from major brands would come with that s**y OS installed, when there are literally hundreds to choose from?

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