Part of me thinks “just forget about the way things are and focus on building things the way you think they should be.” But if we’re trying to build a bridge from where we are to where we want to be, we can’t really do that. You have to understand both equally well otherwise one leg of that bridge will be built on shaky foundations. And without a bridge, what we’re essentially telling people is, “hey, only the best swimmers can come join us on the other side.” And I’m not willing to do that.

(And I’m frightfully aware that even having the option to close your eyes and “forget about the way things are” is the height of privilege. Simply feeling you could do that if you wanted to is proof enough that you’re not among those being crushed the worst under the yoke of the current system who couldn’t ignore it even if they could. So it’s up to us who have the option to ensure we never exercise it. That we help create a world where we wouldn’t have had it – or needed it – to begin with.)

@aral Humans have the capability to understand why things are the way they are and to learn from mistakes. My creativity leaves me no doubt and I am very grateful for that.

@aral I can see your point here, one of my arguments is to suggest focus on what we want people to do, as in use the fediverse, tell me now to use Facebook isn't telling me what to use.

@aral Very well put Aral! I think this is an attitude more of us in a position to create cultural systems and artifacts need to be coming from.
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