Fuck you, Apple.
Fuck you, Google.
Fuck you, Facebook.
Fuck you, Big Tech.
Fuck you, Silicon Valley.

And the warmest season’s greetings and a happy new year to everyone else!

🎄⛄️ ❄️ 🎁 🎉

@deavmi Love it or leave it? Hey, if it works for fascists, why not tech, amirite?

@aral I don't care if racists or fascists use a platform, and I agree these services are shite, but like I don't need to direct any energy towards them with the f-word sprinkled everywhere. I feel there's a lot of outrage when people can just not-use these services. It's a free market and we have the fedi, we self-regulated ourselves.

And a very happy this part of the year and the start of the next one to you too.

🏔️ 🏂 ❄️ 🥳

Fuck you, Amazon.
Fuck you, Microsoft.
(and for some more local fuck yous)
Fuck you, British Telecom.
Fuck you, Yodel.
Fuck you, Airband.

I feel better now, thanks ☺

@aral yeah yeah keep us inspired for the alternatives warm greetings u2


We wish you a big disaster
We WISH YOU a big disaster
And if you could disapeaaaar !! 🎄

(and greetings to you also ;))

@i3x @session Heard good things. Haven’t really had a chance to use it.

@aral The same goes out to you and Lara. Have a cheerful time in the next couple of days as good as possible. 2021 delivered hard on things I and probably lots of us didn't want, need or sign up for but here we are.

So all the best for everyone!

@aral Take a deep breath…

And shout again ! 😜

@aral I like the binaryness (if that's a word) of your greeting. All the best in your general direction too, and merry solstice.

@aral What about Indian Valley? For lack of a more specific term off the top of my head. They are quite deserving of a good fuck you too... Though... Maybe not quite as big in a lot of ways as the ones you listed...


“And the warmest season’s greetings and a happy new year to everyone else!”

Including Pfizer, Vanguard and BlackRock.
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