EU citizens, remember that you have the right to be forgotten. If you’re closing your Twitter account, you can write to them and tell them to delete your data and your account permanently and they must comply. You don’t have to leave your data with Musk if you don’t want to.

Also remember that you can download an archive of your data before you close your account from:


I can't because they're asking for my ID. Is this even legal? Any third party tool to scrap all of your personal data?

@gnu_f4jbs Very odd; they let me in with an email verification code.

@gnu_f4jbs @aral it’s a good idea to download the archive. Gives you a way to proof later data mischiefs, should they occur

@aral I did download an archive of my data on Twitter (soon-to-be Muskodon) before leaving it for good on April 18, 2022, and I'm sure it's a great idea, although it takes 24 hours to have it ready.

@swackhumdinger32_ Yeah, I’m still waiting for mine. Muskodon is good. I still prefer Musk Social though :)

@JackDeeth @aral GDPR is still part of UK law (for now), so the Right to be Forgotten still applies here!

Write to Twitter? Hah, good luck with that. I've sent tens of thousands of emails (yes, tens of thousands) and got exactly 0 responses.

If anybody know a way to actually get into contact with Twitter (not via my account, that's been suspended since 2019), please let me know.

@hans I was doing this yesterday, and found this form on twitter to contact their Data Protection Officer: . So I found a GDPR Request for erasure of personal data template here , and edited it where marked to do so. idk if it is drafted competently or not, hoping for the best.

@aral ...but can I ask them to deleted it I have no access to it? They blocked my account and they now want my phone number to unlock it

@Mek101 You should be able to. Try and write to them (paper mail).

@Mek101 @aral I know it's weird, but if your account is locked, you have to go through this form:

They may ask for an ID before proceeding.

Twitter does not advertise this URL, I got it from the CNIL in France (

Does those apply to non-citizen residents? I think it does but am not sure.

@feonixrift I know it’s residents with GDPR, assuming it works the same way with this but I’m not sure either.

@aral @feonixrift The #GDPR protects EU citizens everywhere worldwide, and EU residents of any nationality. In practice an American (for example) living in the US can probably get away with using an EU address and mail a request from an EU post office. The recipient may just accept it w/out demanding proof of EU ties -- worth a try.

@feonixrift @aral Of course the caveat is that if an EU citizen is in Japan, for example, local services in Japan are off the hook, but businesses that have EU operations (like Twitter) must comply.

@aral I can clarify. The right to erasure (non-legal term: the right to be forgotten) falls under GDPR. All EU citizens and residents are protected under this law.

The rights of individuals under GDPR are: right to be informed, right of access, right to rectification, right to erasure (to be forgotten), right to restrict processing, right to data portability, right to object and rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling.

@aral I always suspected that if these proprietary platforms really removes people's data after their account deletion.

@projjalm @aral so I handle GDPR deletion requests for my company. We do not delete your data. We do anonymize the data so it can no longer be tied to you. So we remove all your personal data. So we know someone signed up, posted, etc. We just don't know who.

@wizjenkins @projjalm Ah, lovely, so ripe for use by the multi-billion dollar de-anonymisation industry.

@aral how does it work in the case of Mastodon? I know it’s easy to export you own data, but what about ensuring that instances delete a user’s data when requested? Is there any specifications in this regard, or does the location of my chosen instance impact my rights as user?

@aral If only our corrupt politicians hadn’t pulled us out of the EU

@aral I love a good DSAR request. I love millions at the same time more. 😘

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