Clean up the web!

A reminder that you, as a developer, can make a difference on the Web simply by choosing not to perpetuate people farming on your own sites and apps.

@aral my personal blog,, only uses two privacy-respecting analytics tools. My #fibromyalgia blog,, uses Google Fonts so it has Google's tracking, but I'll take care of that eventually

@aral sorry, forgot to add that the fibromyalgia blog also uses jsdelivr cdn, and I assume it uses some popular CDN and their tracking

@ianbetteridge Ah, indeed, I’ll add updating that site to my ever-growing todo list :)

@aral happy to report that my portfolio website has none of that stuff:

@aral ah, forgot the FLoC header, thanks for reminding me! You know it’s good when it’s an unrequested opt-in just like Brave’s BAT lol

@aral (also, Hey/Basecamp and Purism are kinda controversial, and elementary might join that list as well… up to you to judge if it’s good)

(also, I guess Igalia doesn’t count but I think they’re neat too)

@aral Great and important website!! Those are are the exact values I try to archive with SpaceHey and I hope more developers & companies do the same!

@aral from what i understood FLoC stopped being a thing in January this year

@aral Thanks for the Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=() hint. I'll need to build that into my site.

@aral good lord, I didn't know about Chrome's "super-tracker" addition! How is this even possible?

@aral the part talking about how all browsers are bad was depressing

Firefox = takes Google money to make Goog fault search
Safari = same
Brave = tries to sell our attention with crypto there any decent option???

@e88 @aral I still love and use Firefox primarily becauae of their first class developer tools and standards support. Also they provide the only alternatve rendering engineer (gecko) and to a lesser extent their JavaScript engine (spidermonkey last time I checked). Alternatives and diversity are vital to the web!

@aral is there a different analytics platform that offers everything that businesses need to build a sales funnel? Does Plausible do this? (Are they on the Fediverse?)

I have no clue what this entails bc I don't do any sort of "business intelligence" work but this seems to be an essential feature to convince ppl to take a jump.

@mcneely @aral

@plausible < They’re on Mastodon, don’t know about the other questions.

@aral Thank you for the toot, gonna add that FLoC header to my blog later.

@aral the Article sounded good, is has all the necessary Buzzwords about #Freedom with #OpenSource and of course how to Support the Course, until I read at the end about #Patreon. 😒

First you complain about BigDataCompanys and #centralized Systems against #decentralized and after all this you seriously advice Patreon as a way to support. What a cruel Joke?

Why not something like #LibrePay or Alternative? 😉

@kranzkrone Read it again (and maybe even follow the link this time and see for yourself) :)

@aral ahhh, now i see the difference but I can swear I have seen Patreon instead of Patron, strange.

Seems to be this was my bad. 🙄

@aral One of our users found out that some Google stuff was still present on our news page (GRAV), but only when noscript was enabled. Otherwise, no third parties were involved. But we got rid of that now too, even with noscript enabled. This stuff is really everywhere...

Thanks for the link.

@aral I have now added header('Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=()') to my CMS. Thanks for the hint! #CleanUpTheWeb #FlocOffGoogle

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