A warning about FeelGood Contacts ( if you’re in Ireland and wear contact lenses: do NOT turn on their “auto-replenish” feature.

Just got a notification that they were about to charge me €148.05 for two 90-day boxes of lenses. That felt steep. So I opened an incognito browser and checked their site via an ad on Google. Lo and behold, I was offered 30-day boxes at €19.20 (so €115.20 for the equivalent amount… or €32.85 cheaper).

Goodness I fucking hate capitalism.

@aral those super yachts can't be bought without the buyers exploiting someone! Think about the children of the super yacht builders!

@aral thank you for understanding the plight of the ultra rich.

Brought to you by It's Never Enough technology

@aral ah yes, the capitalist mantra: spend money to "acquire" customers, retention is free unless they're complaining. Absolute garbage. I remember switching mobile providers every other year to get a better deal.

@martyn Just imagine the sum total of human time (i.e., life) lost to this bullshit. And they think they’re so fucking smart. It likely has a snazzy name and some dickhead with slicked-back hair and undiagnosed chlamydia is probably waxing lyrical about it at some marketing conference as we speak.

@martyn @aral

Also likely a consequence of reducing headcount (and quality checking against pricing errors) to the lowest level, as this anomaly isn't repeated on the UK version of the site (nor on competitors, although the discount between the (correctly priced) 90 and 30 packs is less than £1 which suggests Johnson & Johnson also may have a hand in the high prices..

Here's another one: got a new anti-virus installed on a computer we got fixed by the tech-dudes at some box store. Come to find out a bit too late that they installed a whole package that was to protect 10 devices and cost us $200 a year to renew, which they set us up to do automatically, because OF COURSE. My husband called the anti-virus company to get the subscription down to only three devices, and they insisted they couldn't do that, we have to go down to the precise store we got it from with our receipt (even though it's across the country from us now that we've moved), and I'm pretty sure the strategy is just to make fixing the problem so irritating that we shrug our shoulders and pay the $200 a year anyway.
"Fuck you" as a service indeed.

phunny detail: The non-reduced price of the 30-day pack (26€) times three is almost exactly equal to the reduced price of the 90-day pack (78€).

So it's not even that their price reductions were uneven. 90 days always cost more than three time 30.

That is, by the way, something that Nutella also became famous for, years ago: offering the large glasses at a higher price per content than the small ones, and very few people noticed.

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