Oh my goodness, the export settings… everything about this app… so minimalist, so beautiful… this should be in case studies for free/open usability.

And those little touches… notice how the curve that the selected Bézier control point is affecting is highlighted in purple. And you can simply pull along there to shape the curve instead of manipulating the control point handles.

Just beautiful.

And, finally (there’s so much more but I’ll stop raving now and get back to work), the web-related features, like a built-in accessibility and scripting panel and access to the SVG source, styling, etc.

If you’re creating illustrations for the web (or, heck, in general) and you’re not using this absolute gem of an app, you’re missing out :)

Alas, we can't use anything but open/commons software. We work in collaborative networks where everybody needs to be able to use all of the software (if they want) or it will hurt the network.


@bhaugen I don’t understand… it’s free on free/open systems. So if you cannot use anything but open/commons software, you should be fine as everyone should be running Linux or some other free/open OS where they can use it for free. If someone is running macOS, which is where they have to pay for it, they’ve already violated your pledge to not use anything but open/commons software.

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@aral Thanks, sorry I misunderstood myself. If it's free on Linux. that's good. Better would be open to modification and extension. I'll keep looking and see if I can figure that out...

@aral An old thread, but just stumbled on it. So, to be clear - Boxy SVG is free (gratis), but not free (libre). So if it's proprietary, it's not open/commons software. Or am I missing something?


> Boxy SVG is free (gratis), but not free (libre).

Several variations on free (gratis) vs buy-for-money at the bottom of their home page. boxy-svg.com/

Oddly, some of that page works on Chrome but bot Firefox...?


@bhaugen I'm just confused about whether or not being free (gratis) makes it open/commons software?


@barrysampson @aral

I think it depends on what you can do with it, which might be spelled out in a license or other set of permissions.

Otherwise a published work in the US is automatically covered by copyright.

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