Just bought a license for Typora, a gorgeous markdown viewing/editing application that seamlessly renders your markdown in place as you write it.

It’s by an independent developer and also runs on Linux.

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@aral Why would you pay someone for a non-free licence?

@tirifto Because they’re an independent developer. I feel dirtier for running Fedora knowing it’s by IBM. Everything I make is free and open but free and open is not the only criterion that matters.

@aral I see. My norms/priorities on this are a bit different, but you have a good point there. :blobcatthumbsup:

@murb Ah, thanks! Thought I’d added a link but apparently not :)

@aral I used it for a year or so, then I found a "trade-free" alternative that's even better in my view - . Now I use Zettlr for all of my notes and code. It also renders markdown directly, supports tables, and a lot more. No hidden features behind paywalls or anything like that. And it is cross platform.
@obsolete29 From what I remember, and I tested a lot lot of markdown editors, Typora and Zettlr were almost the same. They look and behave similarly, have similar features, and so forth.

@aral Excellent piece of software here. Most of my markdown stuff is in Joplin now for personal notes.

@aral I love (and bought) Typora for its features, but dislike it for not being FOSS.
If you want a #foss #markdown editor: try Apostrophe.

@sonniesonnig I’d like it better if it was free and open, of course. But I like it well enough that it’s by an independent developer. Which is more than what I can say for a lot of the “open source” we use. Including my current operating system (Fedora Silverblue), which is by IBM. (And IBM is about as evil as they come.)

@aral True, ATM Typora is my markdown editor of choice – EVEN if it's unfree – AND the dev is from china (IIRC).
It's hard to not use only free software (or drivers), in most cases it just does not work. In this moment I use PopOS (this DE is so awesome), which is based on a dstro thich is based on another. And two companies are involved. After years of Manjaro or Arch I still don't know, if this feels good. :D

@sonniesonnig (PS. I have Apostrophe and it’s a good piece of software and will no doubt get better in time but Typora is in a different league.)

@aral One of my favorites as well, totally worth the money!

@aral I tried Typora but the menu bar was bugging me. And then I found apostrophe for Linux. Nowadays for mac, I’ve fallen in love with iA Writer.

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