I'm going to write a lot more about this in the coming days but the most important takeaway from my first few days of switching my main development machine to Linux (Pop!_OS 18.04)?

I. Do. Not. Miss. The. Mac. One. Bit.

Everything Just Works (tm), including my USB-C-only LG external monitor (which doesn't even work with Laura's older MacBook Pro), Magic Trackpad, etc. And there are things I actually enjoy more about the experience. Never thought I'd be writing this about Linux. Exciting times!

@aral I have been very impressed with Ubuntu. It's still rougher around the edges than MacOS, but it works well.


@torgo What I love is that the @gnome team are neither copying macOS nor Windows but have found their own voice. The Activities view is nigh on perfect & the HIG + consistency in their own apps is top notch. The main problem I see is how fragmented the app-space is but that doesn't matter if a current/future distribution strictly curates based on HIG-compliant apps. Pop!_OS might be a good "base" Gnome Shell distro (itself based on ElementaryOS/Ubuntu) to base such a consistent OS on. CC @todd

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