@thenewoil “Our investigation found the iPhone’s tracking protections are nowhere nearly as comprehensive as Apple’s advertising might suggest. We found at least three popular iPhone games share a substantial amount of identifying information with ad companies, even after being asked not to track.”


Did something happen to apple in the last couple of years? I have never been a huge apple fan and thus haven't kept a super close eye on their security/privacy measures but my impression was always that as much as I didn't like apple, you had to respect them for protecting users privacy.

Like they had that high profile fight with the FBI not to crack an iphone not too long ago and they just recently announced they were going to monitor apple users photos?



Yah I don't get it, but it is terrifying because if apple jumped off a cliff into a pit of sharks google would gleefully jump off right after it.... but in this case google is already swimming in that shark pit.

Did the money behind apple decide that regulators weren't going to limit google's business strategy of selling users' data where they previously believed they would?

Is the global market for selling hardware saturated enough that apple feels "forced" to shift?


@aral @thenewoil

Does apple seem its growth primarily happening in china and thus see these kinds of privacy invasions as a requirement for operating in china?

(not that the US is some gleaming city of privacy protection either)

»in this case google is already swimming in that shark pit«

Google is one of the sharks, and Apple decided the best way forward is to become one, too, after noticing that no commercially viable group of consumers minded Google's shark-ness.

Around the same time, the US decided to normalize massive surveillance, supplying China and Russia with democratically-acceptable excuses, and making non-surveillance seem totally uncool.
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